Hard At Work

  Welcome to Life On Sugar Creek 

Whether you are here to visit my tiny corner of the world,  for tips on growing your own food, preserving your homegrown goodness, learning about the care and keeping of farm animals or other affairs of living a simple life style then this is the place for you. 

You don’t have to become completely self-sufficient, go off the grid or make huge sacrifices to live a more organic, simple and sustainable life. Ill try and share straightforward and practical advice that will help you on your journey to achieving your slice of a simpler life. Even, if your home is an apartment in the city


My husband Barney and I downsized in 2015 to our current home. We purchased our home in foreclosure. Our home, barns and fields had been vacant and neglected for a few years. We are slowly bringing our dream to life one project at a time.

Our farm is currently home to a herd of Dexter cattle, a mix of rescue and draft horses, chickens, goats and soon to be sheep.  I love trying new things and am always exploring ways to keep our farm sustainable. I have started a home based soap and lotion business to take advantage of all the wonderful goat milk I am blessed with from my Alpine and Nubian goats. 

I am dreaming of a well organized home , farm and business. I am so not there but striving for it….a girl can dream right? There is plenty to be learned from my mistakes. so join me  as we undertake bringing this farm back to life. I will always answer your questions, and help you to the best of my ability.