Every Horse Has A Story

Here is Molly’s story or at least what I know of her story . I don’t know why someone starved her, if it was an illness, job loss or just plain irresponsible behavior.  I am normally a frugal person. I make every effort to keep my farm sustainable on a limited income by keeping my herds of animals in check and not going crazy with too many (yes I have been known to have too many). BUT, I saw Molly on a Facebook page she was a slaughter bound horse. Her eyes spoke to me across the virtual miles and my heart yearned to bring her home it was an instant connection for me and her last chance before being shipped to Mexico for slaughter. So money earmarked for  home improvement projects was spent and Molly came home. She is beyond thin, sick with shipping fever and looks pitiful however, in the week she has been here I have seen progress she eats now with gusto and looks forward to our time together.  I just know that in that skinny beaten down horse is a wonderful mare with a strong spirit that will come out in due time. Her manners are fantastic she lays her head across me as if she is saying thank you. I hope you will join along with me and follow her progress. I will post new pictures along the way. I believe in second chances for people and horses. I am thankful for second chances I have had in my life. I am thankful for Gods grace and the blessing of the horses he puts in my path. I keep wondering about Molly’s story and her past life but more importantly I am looking toward her future and the new chapter we will write here on Sugar Creek.


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