Hi I’m Janet Mahala and I am so happy you have visited my blog, I am a wife, mom to two daughters and I love our little farm in the mountains of East Tennessee.
My husband and I moved to our farm a little over a year ago and we are in the process of remodeling our small 1970 brick rancher, renovating the barns and outbuildings on our property and restoring our farm to a sustainable income producing business. (All on a tight budget.)
My husband and I both grew up in the rural mountains of North Carolina and we strive to incorporate the vintage skills and beauty of simple living we learned into our fast-paced consumer driven world.
I have started this blog, so I could share with you some of my tricks of self-sufficiency learned through years of trial and error. Some of my topics will include: gardening, growing and using herbs, wild crafting, raising heritage breed cattle, chickens, goats, soap making, canning, repurposing all sorts of items, remodeling on a budget and other interests of plain living.
I hope that something I share will encourage you on your journey, or at least make you smile.